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About hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a natural, non-invasive drug-free alternative for resolving emotional and other issues negatively impacting our day to day life. Hypnotherapy provides a way of tapping into the great resource of our subconscious mind to discover and resolve the causes of these issues. 

Contrary to common belief clients are fully aware during the sessions.
Clients report experiencing profound relaxation, even in the first session.

Life issues such as anxiety, phobias, fears, depression, trauma, grief, habits, smoking, gambling, weight-loss, performance/public speaking anxiety, relationship issues, fertility and childbirth, sleep disturbance, exam/study/memory enhancement, pain and chronic illness, etc resolve in a relatively short therapeutic process, often in as few as 3-5 sessions.

Positive profound change can occur in your life through the power of your own mind. 

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