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Time line, Regression & Past life therapy

Understand the messages from your subconscious

Many of the issues and problems that trouble us today are patterns of behaviour based on core beliefs learned from our life experiences and set in place from our past.  These core beliefs dictate our behaviour, emotional reactions and automatic responses in our day to day life.

Although many of these come from our childhood, it is commonly understood that these patterns may be carried forward from previous lifetimes through our historical or genetic heritage.  These patterns are called karma, and can influence what we believe and how we behave.  Exploring, remembering and investigating past events may provide answers to previously inexplicable issues, and even illnesses, in our lives.

By using Time Line Therapy and other regression techniques, we can explore and resolve this deep set core conditioning, freeing ourselves from the karmic patterns.  In a way we become pattern-breakers by healing and releasing the unconscious behaviours and thoughts that are holding us back from achieving and living the life we want to live.

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