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Stress management with hypnotherapy

Learn the One-Minute Relaxation Retreat technique that will change your life!

Experience profound relaxation and discover how well you can function when you learn to be stress-free. Hypnotherapy is very effective in managing stress and clients report experiencing profound relaxation in the first session. 

Discover how to find and maintain peace of mind through practical exercises and techniques, specifically designed for you and to fit into your busy schedule.  Hypnotherapy is used to teach relaxation and focusing techniques, eliminate unwanted habits and manage stress.

Our world and our lives are constantly speeding up, with more committments, expectations, global pressures and environmental fears, many of us are finding our lives and ourselves under pressure, leaving us stressed, time-poor and overwhelmed.

Feeling tired, isolated, anxious, disconnected, or just feeling that something’s not quite right? Difficulty sleeping, lack of concentration, trouble focusing, inability to maintain relationships,  inappropriate or distructive habits addictions and lifestyle, anxiety, fears – thinking that no-one else feels this way?  All of these (and other symptoms) are signs of stress.

You need a rest. 

Stressful living and thinking are habits.  So are calm non-stressful living habits.

Practical exercises and techniques may include lifestyle assessment and modification, stress reduction exercises, mind quietening techniques and meditation.

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