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Counselling supports you and assists you to make the changes you desire for a more successful life.

Dayle offers an intuitive and holistic approach, working with you to discover your true nature, uncovering core problems and empowering you to achieve your goals.  She helps you to create strategies to resolve problems and move forward in life.

Or maybe you just need someone to talk to who will listen to you in a caring way without judgement to help to clarify your purpose and support you in your progress.

By understanding your own motivations, learning to understand how our beliefs, habitual thinking and behaviour patterns impact our lives, you learn what your real needs are and how to meet your own needs. When our view of ourself improves, the way we see our world is transformed and the world responds to us in a more positive way.  Our Relationship with ourself is where we begin, and this understanding transforms our relationship with others and our world.

Whilst addressing all areas of counselling, Dayle specialises in anxiety and stress conditions, helping clients to integrate practical techniques into daily life so that they can live stress-free.

Communication skills such as new methods of expression, assertiveness, and a win / win approach to conflict resolution in personal and professional relationships my be introduced.  

Contact Dayle for a free telephone consultation and discover how counselling can help you.