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Stop smoking with hypnotherapy

You can stop smoking in 3 sessions over 2 weeks

Smoking is a habit. The addiction to nicotine is said to be gone after 48 hours. This 3-session Stop Smoking hypnotherapy programme is tailored for each individual and has a 96% success rate (based on clinical analysis) and supports you in the establishment of new, healthy patterns and habits.

Most clients happily report that stopping smoking was so much easier than they expected by using hypnotherapy.

The first session lasts one and a half hours where your smoking patterns are assessed and practical techniques are given to you to assist with positive reinforcement and the formation of non-smoking habits. Hypnotherapy is used to teach relaxation and to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Throw the last of your habit away!

The second session is usually 5-7 days later and lasts for an hour. Your progress is assessed and any stresses or difficulties are discusses and resolved. Hypnotherapy is used to reinforce your confidence in the new positive habits.

The second session is another 5-7 days later and lasts for an hour.Your progress is assessed and hypnotherapy is used to confirm your new status as a natural non-smoker!

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